About Us

Our Mission

At Aurous Labs, we believe in the benefits of hemp and have spent a good portion of the last few years diving into research, testing formulas and products, and doing our part to spread awareness about the healing properties of CBD.

As we began learning all we could about the hand sanitizers that existed in the market, we realized that most individuals typically view hand sanitizers as something that dries out your skin, causes irritation and cracking, and smells harsh. We were also shocked to learn that a lot of sanitizers in the market didn’t have the optimal alcohol percentage to be effective, while others used carcinogen-laced ingredients that have been shown to cause cancer.

Offering our friends, family, community, and eventually, the entire nation a safe and natural alternative became the driving force behind the formation of Aurous Labs and our entrance into the industry.

Our products

When it came time to develop our formula, we knew that it was essential to handpick the right ingredients to ensure a quality sanitizer that would create a more positive experience for individuals. This included the knowledge that the product they use is natural, safe, reliable, offered a pleasing aroma, and left their hands feeling soft, smooth, and moisturized.

We determined that if we were going to go down this path, we wouldn’t stop until we created the purest and most efficacious hand sanitizer on the market. This is exactly what we did.

Each of our products are hand made in small batches, ensuring that only premium quality hand sanitizer reaches you. Our formula goes through stringent testing, purely vegan, and is guaranteed to be 100% THC-free.

Our process

What we saw and experienced during the pandemic in 2020 really opened our eyes to a) the importance of hand sanitizer and b) just how many marginalized communities - in particular black communities - were suffering from a lack of access to high quality and all-natural products.

With this in mind, we set out to create the purest and most efficacious formula that consisted of all-natural ingredients that provided reliable protection. Based on the research that we already conducted on CBD, we knew that it is naturally antimicrobial and has moisturizing qualities. Incorporating CBD into our sanitizer simply made sense.

From there, we honed our formula with essential oils specifically selected due to their antiviral benefits, ignored the common carcinogen-laced ingredients that many hand sanitizers use, and created a truly unique CBD-Infused hand sanitizing spray that is effective, natural, fragrant, and 100% THC-Free.